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Didn't have the heart to 'clean up' before holidays-will all still be there waiting for us when we return! #cardboardchallenge @imagination

@_starrbee Sep 30

Was such a thrill seeing kids imagine & create with #cardboardchallenge We skip over those critical components too often! @imagination

@_starrbee Sep 30

Ella's dinosaur and Mitch & Caleb's Hunting Ranch. Watch out for hunters Ella! #cardboardchallenge @imagination https://t.co/rPptqVAlev

@_starrbee Sep 30

Em, Maddy & Hannah built a model of Lake Keepit #cardboardchallenge @imagination https://t.co/UHkqhIW0Cq

@_starrbee Sep 30

Kacey & Johnina's ball drop maze! #cardboardchallenge @imagination https://t.co/fAzJ2oi0aV

@_starrbee Sep 30

&then they played&imagined...a wedding at Layla'sCafe complete with music &photos #cardboardchallenge @imagination https://t.co/gNL59Kuei3

@_starrbee Sep 30

Isabelle & Ash playing their #cardboardchallenge piano @imagination https://t.co/IJjT2H4m2q

@_starrbee Sep 30

Bree, Erin & Clem's photo booth bride & groom model! #cardboardchallenge @imagination https://t.co/DV1WsxfRAh

@_starrbee Sep 30

Layla's Cafe2... must show coffee and tip jar too! #cardboardchallenge @imagination https://t.co/6859jO2HQq

@_starrbee Sep 30

Layla's Cafe.Complete with toaster,register, cupboard,coffee dispenser &tip jar #cardboardchallenge @imagination https://t.co/KBKV8RaJwK

@_starrbee Sep 30
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Year 6 St Joseph’s Tamworth Cardboard Challenge ACCEPTED

Tamworth, NSW


Very excited to be giving my Year 6 class in Tamworth, Australia, the opportunity to imagine, create, explore, persevere and come together in the name of fun! We will be creating over one day (Sept 22) and sharing our creations with our school community the following day (Sept 23) as we will be on school holidays here in Australia for October 1st. Follow our fun on Twitter @_starrbee

Share Your Creations with the World!

Inviting The World To Play

The Global Cardboard Challenge began in 2012, following the overwhelming success of the short film, 'Caine's Arcade'. In 2017, we hope to surpass 1 million child participants!


Inspired by the short film, ‘Caine’s Arcade,’ the Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event presented by the Imagination Foundation that celebrates child creativity and the role communities can play in fostering it. This September, kids of all ages are invited to build anything they can dream up using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. Then on Saturday, October 7th, 2017, a day that commemorates the flash mob that made Caine's day in the short film, communities come together and play!


Here are a few resources to help you host an awesome Cardboard Challenge.