2022 AET Challenge Day – A Day

Students in the Academies of Loudoun, Academy of Engineering & Technology (AET) program, engage in sustained design-based experiences during AET Challenge Day. AET Challenge Day prompts include: Caine’s Cardboard Arcade: Design and build a brand-new arcade game...

Cava’s cardboard challenge

All students will participate in our own class cardboard challenge. Over winter break we will be collecting cardboard to make our own creations in class.

Boxes and Books

6th Graders will create a box-fort forest for our K-5 students to spend the day reading and playing in and around.

Arcade Day

Our Gr 5 students will be designing cardboard arcades during STEM class and then host an Arcade Play Day where classes can come during scheduled time to play with the arcades

Christmas Cardboard Challenge

Saturday 17 December 2022, 10am-12noon Join artist and educator Kate Berry for a Cardboard Challenge, suitable for all the family. On the day, families are set the challenge to imagine and build something amazing out of cardboard, recycled materials and using their...