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Cloud Hot air balloon

Public Event

Because of Pamela Jane

Newport, North Carolina, United States Directions
300 Participants

Event Description

In honor of my mother for bringing home boxes upon boxes for my sister and I to design forts, castles, body armor, etc.  This one was for you mom.  Kids could work in partners or solo.  Here are the stipulations:

Students had to have a design in mind of something to build, anything of interest, and sketched into their journal.
Also to be included: step by step instructions of how to piece their creation together.  This could be done in picture form and/or written expression. - Thing Lego Booklet
A material list was required (cardboard and tape were provided, anything else they needed to bring in) - No Glue. We did loop a video of the art teacher demonstrating cutting techniques to interlock pieces and had flyers for them to refer to as well.
Students needed to have measurements made for the scale of their design.
Last the number of pieces needed.

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Jason Vanzant

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