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Beth's Academy Second Grade Cardboard Challenge

Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan Directions
38 Participants

Event Description

I am an ESL teacher at a language center who teaches second grade. Another teacher will join me in asking his class to join the challenge. I hope to edit our event, as more teachers sign up their students. Our school has 280 students, so we'll see how many we can get to join come September.
Right now, our plan is to have kids build most of what they want to make at home. When they bring it in, other students can collaborate and share ideas about how to improve the design, function, or appearance of each other's projects and then help to put new editions or finishing touches on at school (The cardboard challenge day, Thursday, Oct, 7 this year) and then on Friday have the Day of Play (our administrator says must be within school hours, at our location).

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Teacher Jenna

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