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Public Event

BV Design Camp

Overland Park, KS, United States Directions
50 Participants

Event Description

"Teacherpreneurs in a Design Thinking World: A Day of Play" is part of the BV Design Camp, an opportunity for teachers to experience design thinking in an active, creative environment. In each 90-minute session, teachers will become "teacherpreneurs," developing their own invention and pitching it to their colleagues.

Hosted by

Dr. Tammy Fry

#bvdesigncamp18 The BV Design Camp, part of the Blue Valley (KS) School District will feature various speakers and workshops including Dr. Eric Chagal, principal of Vista Innovation and Design Academy; Dan Ryder, Education Director at the Success and Innovation Center; Ellen Deutscher, Educational Consultant with Design Thinking and Creativity; Dr. Jenny Pieratt, founder CraftEd Curriculum and former BIE national faculty; Joe Whalen, Future of Foods, Innovate and Entrepreneurship Instructor at Blue Valley CAPS; and Dr. Tammy Fry, Teacher Education instructor at Blue Valley CAPS, co-founder of the Council on the Future of Education, and member of the national Educators Rising curriculum development committee. Dr. Tammy Fry will be conducting the session, "Teacherpreneurs in a Design Thinking World: A Day of Play" which will be incorporating the Cardboard Challenge. #cardboardchallenge #dayofplay

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