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Cloud Hot air balloon

Cardboard, Circuits, and Creativity

Elmwood Park, IL, United States Directions
50 Participants

Event Description

Here's the plan. 5th grade students will use cardboard and other items gathered from home and donated to create arcade games using electronics and circuitry to include movement and lights. Students will use online tools to learn about circuits by working through online lessons in a collaborative group setting. They will then use circuit and robot kits along with their cardboard and other stuff arcade games. Students will work in art class to create robots from materials gathered as well. They will determine what they will create with guidance and questions of inquiry from their teachers and parent volunteer mentors. My hope is that the students will be able to set up their arcade for our school's open house in January. At least that's the plan. It's all in my head now. This particular group of students is energy packed, curious, and always looking to create and learn; so let's hope for the best.

Hosted by

Maureen Murphy, Technology Coordinator

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