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Public Event

Co-Creative Camps for Rural Schools in Pakistan

Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan Directions
1000 Participants

Event Description

nativejetty creatives private limited, is an new for profit social enterprise, exists to empower arts, culture and creative sectors in rural Pakistan,

we wanted to host this event in multiple rural schools in Sindh province of Pakistan. we are in good relations with local government authorities and will engage them together along with other stakeholders, we are also looking to extend this event into out of school children in streets and villages in remote areas of Sindh province.


Hosted by

nativejetty creatives

Nativejetty exists to empower the Arts, Culture, Film and Creative sectors in rural Pakistan. We bring together a range of skills, experiences, and rural-focused strategy; to co-create social and economic opportunities for people in creative and cultural sectors.

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