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BMS Earth Day Cardboard Challenge

Moqattam, Cairo, Egypt Directions
243 Participants

Event Description

Brilliant Minds School is holding an "Earth Day Cardboard Challenge" this term as part of its STEAM Program, for all its primary and preparatory students.
Culminating on 12th of April, BMS will invite its community, friends, guests & parents to come together to celebrate child imagination and the gift of planet Earth. All our amazing students will be presenting their creative cardboard projects, with an external committee of esteemed judges assessing the students work, and awarding the best project and team work according to specified rubrics.

Hosted by

Brilliant Minds School

BMS was founded in the school year 2016-2017 by the Board of Trustees, to develop young men and women with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. BMS is a Mokattam-based, national, language school that strives to provide international quality education for its students using a STEAM-inspired approach. Our vision is that our BMS students will be well-rounded, ethical, lifelong learners who are well prepared for facing the 21st century career life, society and economy. They will be primed with academic requirements, knowledge,and skills for further postgraduate studies; a healthy respect for diversity; and an appreciation for their own cultures and personal histories.

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