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Cloud Hot air balloon

Fundación Sonrisa Naranja

Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador Directions
50 Participants

Event Description

During the pandemic many children in socio-economic less developed parts of Ecuador are not allowed to go out of the house. For months they were locked in their houses. Just recently the lockdown has lifted a little, but in the very heavy hit city of Guayaquil many parents don't allow their children to leave their homes. School is online, sports are not allowed, playgrounds are closed. In order to stimulate their creativity and lift the boredom, the Fundacion Sonrisa Naranja is planning on organizing a cardboard challenge. We will provide the cardboard, since this is a poor neighbourhood, and the children will work at home. The result they will publish on Facebook and the foundation will provide prices for the most creative works. In this way we can stimulate the children and we still comply with the coronavirus legislations.

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Fundacion Sonrisa Naranja

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