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Public Event

Furaha day care school

Dar es salaam, Dar es salaam, Tanzania Directions
30 Participants

Event Description

Hi, to whom it may concern.

Here are a few of the images we know concern the preschool kids. These are things even if we have money but it's hard to find them here in our shop.
Thank all of you for your support of our project we believe one day our effort and yours will pay
and those kids who will help them to rich they are dream they will grow up to help others in need and will see how one individual can make changes with what they have and where they are.

This is what I can come out with now, but if there is some material or staff you people think is good for us to have it such as a book or any staff that are a benefit for kids learning we will appreciate it so much.

Hosted by

Mama Centre Organization

Here is Omary! He lives in Tanzania in the region of Dar es salaam. He is 27 years old and created an association called "Mama center". He has many projects, but for the moment he is concentrating on building his school

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