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Public Event

The Den@Wheatland Crossing Cardboard Challenge

Standard, Alberta, Canada Directions
12 Participants

Event Description

The Den is our school's space where a group of exceptional students have the chance to really discover what makes them awesome and learn with some additional supports. The Den Cardboard Challenge is all about learning how anyone, even kids, can do amazing things in the world and make an impact on others.

Our challenge consists of learning about Caine's story and how he touched the lives of so many people, then firing up our own creativity to design and build our own arcade games.

Once we have built our own arcade we will open the door to the public, who will be the elementary students in our school who will have the chance to come and test out our games and get to see how fun they are. They might also give some suggestions about the games we have built and maybe some ideas for some new ones.

Our challenge is all about being creative and coming up with some great ideas that we actually get to build, as well as letting our younger students have some fun while seeing how cool inventing can be.

Hosted by

Mark McKeen

Wheatland Crossing School is located in the heart of Wheatland County in Alberta, Canada. We are a K-12 school that caters to a diversity of learners and works hard to embrace the opportunity for growth in every learner. Our school has a strong focus on skills and trade development, particularly through STEAM and a variety of hands on experiences for our students. My name is Mark McKeen, and I believe strongly that by engaging kids in creativity, critical thinking and the chance to see ideas come to life that we are all learners in our own way. By taking a chance to try something new students often experience unparalleled growth, development of personal confidence, and an entrepreneurial spirit. I have spent the last 15 years organizing and running events for students that reflect this, particularly those associated with Skills Canada Alberta, our provincial organization that does a fantastic job engaging students in a variety of experiences related to technology and the trades.

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