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Virtual Arcade

Salinas, California, United States Directions
20 Participants

Event Description

Now that we are all working and living in the pandemic-verse where a majority of our time requires us to be online it is even more important to facilitate opportunities for creativity, imagination, and making in the 'real world'. CBHS students have been tasked to create their own versions of their favorite arcade game using cardboard or whatever they have available at home. They are to sketch, prototype, build, test, and play to learn. They are also encouraged to have family and their Covid-19 safe social circle to join them in the entire process. End results will be videos of their games being played.

Hosted by

Cynthia Lipsig

I am a facilitator of educational experiences at Central Bay HS. This year I am guiding experiences for two career technical pathways: Media Support Services and Information Systems plus Drawing & Painting. My school is an alternative education option for North Monterey County USD in California. Our student population consists of highly creative individuals whose strengths do not always conform to the standard academic path so providing creative and out of the ordinary activities is something I love to do. Playing to learn is a skill that sadly needs to be re-taught to kids in high school..they have forgotten what play is. This year is a bit more challenging since we are distance learning however sometimes older students feel safer when they can create in 'private' without the fear of peer judgment. I am excited to share what they create. Thank you Caine and others for boldly reminding ALL of US to play!

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